By Court Correspondent

HARARE, ZIMBABWE- The ongoing legal battle between former Government Minister Ignatius Chombo and Minister of Lands Anxious Masuka over a farm in Mashonaland West Province has sparked concern among foreign investors, who are closely watching the case.

According to Court documents, Chombo acquired the farm during the Land Redistribution Programme and entered into a Joint Venture Agreement, which prohibited any alteration to the land. However, Minister Masuka has attempted to downsize the farm, citing the need for re-pegging, despite the existing agreement.

The High Court of Zimbabwe previously granted a provisional order in favor of Chombo, preventing the Minister from interfering with his farming operations. The order, issued on April 13, 2022, prohibits the Minister from conducting a re-pegging exercise, settling new occupants on the farm, or interfering with Chombo’s farming operations.

Legal experts warn that the Minister’s actions could have far-reaching consequences, scaring away potential investors in the agriculture sector.

“Chombo’s land case is just an eye opener; a lot is happening in the background where the current Minister of Lands and Agriculture is instituting retrogressive measures,” said a legal practitioner who wished to remain anonymous.

The case highlights the struggles of Zimbabwean farmers to protect their land and livelihoods in the face of government attempts to seize control. The outcome is a testament to the power of the legal system in upholding citizens’ rights and a reminder of the importance of standing up against injustice.

As the case continues, investors and citizens alike are watching closely, hoping for a resolution that respects the rule of law and protects the rights of landowners.