By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (SA)

The Second Vice President of the Pan African Parliament, Dr. Ashebir W Gayo is reportedly failing to make ends meet for his own Joseph Kalimbwe, a Zambian Social Media Influencer whom he hired to advance his personal expediency at the Pan African Parliament.

PAP Business came to a stand still for more than two(2) months after Gayo imposed himself as the Acting President of the Pan African Parliament. During this period he was assisted by Joseph Kalimbwe to peddle lies on Pan African Parliament President Chief Fortune Charumbira who went on an official leave.

Pan African Parliament 2nd Vice President Dr. Ashebir W Gayo

The Extra Ordinary Session of AU held in Ethiopia put to an end to Gayo’s era of uncertainty and mediocrity, in paving way to the restoration of order at the Pan African Parliament.

The latest developments at PAP has further exposed Gayo’s intentions to institute a Coup with the assistance of Kalimbwe.

After failing to secure victory at PAP,  Gayo became bankrupty and stopped sponsoring Kalimbwe whose X/ Tweets posts were meant to invoke animosity through peddling of lies.

In a recent X/Tweeter post Kalimbwe told his followers that he was broke and in dire need of cash to buy mealie meal.

“Send a $100 to my address, am too broke at this moment. I need a bag of mealie meal. Am in Lusaka”

Kalimbwe begging for money on X

A certain X/Tweeter came to Kalimbwe’s rescue to assist an African brother in desperate need of money.

Indications are that, all hell broke loose after Gayo and Kalimbwe together with other 8 Members of Parliament made a failed attempt to biesige the Pan African Parliament offices sometime in February this year.

The crew of mischievous characters were assisted by the Police to find their exit from the Pan African Parliament in Midrand South Africa.

This publication also established that Gayo has spent a lot of US dollars in funding the anti Charumbira campaigns at the Pan African Parliament.

This include paying  Kalimbwe to peddle lies on Social Media and hiring few PAP Legislators in the likes of Miles Sampa.