By Kenneth Mohammed Hadebe (Johannesburg)

Zambian Social Media Influencer is being hired by a camp belonging to Honourable W. Gayo to communicate lies against Pan African Parliament ‘s current President Chief Fortune Charumbira.

Gayo an Ethiopian Legislator appointed himself Acting President of the Pan African Parliament violating Rule 19(1) of PAP Rules of Procedure knowing that Honourable Lucia is the Acting President.

According to AVG News, Kalimbwe’s misinformation strategy has gone a long way in fueling hostilities between  Francophone and Anglophone countries at the Legislative Continental Body.

The media report also unearthed how Kalimbwe is being paid by Honourable Dr W Gayo to stir havoc at PAP.

“Zambian Social Media Influencer Joseph Kalimbwe has been as a mercenary and liar being used in the Francophone Vs Anglophone countries wars in the Pan African Parliament. Kalimbwe is reportedly on the payroll of the man angling to unseat Fortune Charumbira from PAP Presidency,” reads AVG NEWS.

Last week, Kalimbwe made an attempt to discredit  Chief Fortune Charumbira’s leadership at PAP.

He went further in publishing list of participants from Zimbabwe who attended PAP Sessions in Midrand South Africa alleging a hand of corruption.

However, it came out that most Zimbabwe’s participants attended PAP Sessions long before Charumbira became the Executive President of Pan African Parliament.

In his list of PAP Participants he only focused on Zimbabwe forgetting those from other African countries.

It also emerged that Kalimbwe’s attention is focussed on Zimbabwean Government and his current project is to fight Charumbira’s legitimacy at the Pan African Parliament.

For the Record

• Chief Fortune Charumbira is still the PAP President

• He went on an Official Leave• He was re-elected in the Chief’s Council of Zimbabwe

• He was successfully sworn in as a Senator in the Zimbabwe’s Parliament

• In accordance with PAP’s Rules of Procedure Honourable Lucia is the Acting President of Pan African Parliament during the absence of Chief Fortune Charumbira