By Correspondent

Nyasha Bhingari, a certified counselor and youth advocate, has been making waves in the fight against drug abuse, particularly among Zimbabwean youth.

Bhingari, who grew up in Highfield, New Canaan, has a personal connection to the cause, having battled drug addiction herself in her teenage years.

After overcoming her struggles with drugs with the support of her family, particularly her mother and brother, who introduced her to music and church, Bhingari dedicated herself to helping others avoid the same pitfalls. Now 30 years old, she has become a beacon of hope for many young Zimbabweans.

Recently, Bhingari was invited to Tanaka Mufaro Academy in Nyatsime, a remote area in Zimbabwe, to engage with students on the dangers of drug abuse. Despite its geographical isolation, the academy has made significant strides in providing quality education, with a focus on English language proficiency.

School director, Mr. Gara, expressed his satisfaction with the school’s progress, citing the transformation into a full-time English environment as instrumental in fostering better teacher-student relationships.

He emphasized the importance of community development and invited Bhingari to assist in addressing social issues affecting the students.

Madam Gweni, the school’s vice head, highlighted the academy’s commitment to preparing students for a bright future, envisioning a community filled with educated youths capable of participating on international platforms.

Mrs. Sandauka, the head of the primary section, commended the cooperative nature of the students, which facilitated initiatives like Bhingari’s anti-drug program. Mr. Mudzimu, a grade 7 teacher, praised the school’s decision to involve Bhingari, emphasizing the importance of integrating such programs into the school’s Christian values.

In interviews with students, including Masimba, Calista, Ntando, and Trish, it was evident that Bhingari’s message resonated deeply.

The students appreciated her approach, describing her as free, fun, and patient. They eagerly requested more programs and expressed a desire to extend the initiative to other schools, recognizing the destructive impact of drugs on their futures.

Bhingari’s efforts at Tanaka Mufaro Academy underscore the importance of community collaboration in tackling societal issues, particularly among vulnerable populations like youth.

Her dedication to empowering young Zimbabweans serves as an inspiration and a testament to the transformative power of education and advocacy.