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Kinsley Estate places Borrowdale Brooke on a Global Map

Kinsley Estate creating magnificent views along Crowhill Road Borrowdale

Kinsley Estate the beauty of Sunshine City

Architecture of Kinsley view from above

The location, amount of prestige and the ebullient atmospheric presence always determine clientele expectations in the life span of a real estate project.

The Real Estate field have had ever sprouting “fly by night” projects, a predicament that continues to place clientele’s aspirations in jeopardy.

Homelux Real Estate is one of the finest estate players to ever image from Zimbabwe. Its significant rise, is undoubtedly attributed to the ability to enhance best practices envisioned in Zimbabwe’s Estate Agents Councils Act.

Infact, it is one of the elite players to uphold the future of property world in Zimbabwe.

It will be unjust to talk about Homelux without mentioning Kinsley Estate, a newest property development in the vicinity of Borrowdale Brooke.

Kinsley Estate the most gated community after Borrowdale Brooke

The Brooke itself has been for ages without having an additional taste to the world of property.

The essence of Real Estate Project always thrive to be an additional component of Tourism. Without travel and touring vibe, the Estate Business is doomed.

Explorations of this century are centred around eco-friendly estates, degree of energy dependency, sustainability and the amount of beauty that comes with the green building concept.

A tour made by this Traveling Journalist during the month of August 2023, revealed amazing realities behind Borrowdale Brooke’s new looks.

This scribe observed the construction of high-end properties whose outlook will inevitably place the Brooke on the global map.

Founder and Managing Director of Homelux Real Estate and Property Development Company, Justin Machibaya is the man behind the top notch investment.

” I am a traveller who has been to different places of the globe and I said to myself, I want to bring this home and this is where my vision has taken me ,” says Machibaya.

Founder and Managing Director of Homelux Real Estate and Property Development Company, Justin Machibaya

Kinsley Estate is rightfully positioned within the proximity of Borrowdale Brooke, covering 71.2 hectares condensing 238 residential stands with 2.2 hectares spared for a shopping centre.

“We have taken great considerations in maximizing eco friendly components in the development and completion of Kinsley Estate. Maintaining the natural environment especially trees is part of the priority. We have also factored in elements of green energy solutions such as solar powered gysers and borehole systems,” says Nigel Mutero, an Actuarial Scientist on the project.

Meanwhile, roads, water and infrastructure development have merely surpassed initial phases.

This publication will continue to monitor property developments as they unfold in the vicinity of Borrowdale Brooke.

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