Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe

The decision by the African Union in restoring legacy at the Pan African Parliament came as a major blow to Joseph Kalimbwe and his handlers at Pan African Parliament whose efforts to stage a coup at PAP elapsed prematurely.

Joseph Kalimbwe is a Social Media influencer and has been working with Hon Gayo and Sampa to derail progress at PAP.

The recent decisions to reinstate Hon Lucia as Acting President of PAP together with Ms Lindiwe Clerk of PAP did not go well with Kalimbwe’s handlers who  instituted another failed coup in Midrand South Africa.

Kalimbwe(Social media influencer) , Gayo, Sampa and other eights Members of Parliament were assisted by the police out of PAP Premises after an attempt to cause havoc to a meeting convened by the Acting President Hon Lucia.

This prompted the AU to make another formal communications through a letter directed to Hon Lucia to proceed with plenaries and elections to fill outstanding vacancies for the Bureau before the end of March.

” The aspects of the Executive Council decision on PAP which require immediate implementation are:

1.      Convening of PAP session before the end of March 2024 at the seat of the Parliament in Midrand, South Africa to fill the vacancies in the PAP Bureau to be supervised by the Commission following the guidelines established by the Office of Legal Counsel.

2.      Until the election is conducted, the 3rd Vice President should immediately assume the role of the Acting President in accordance with Article 12(7) of the PAP Protocol.

3.      The Clerk of the Parliament should be immediately reinstated” reads an except from the letter by AUC.

However, the recent developments at PAP came as a great shocker to Mr Joseph Kalimbwe and his handlers.

As usual he took to post another misleading falsehoods on X /Tweeter in anger towards the reinstating of Hon Lucia as PAP President and Ms Lindiwe Clerk of PAP.

“At the Pan African Parliament, the campaign in 2022 was No rotation in the leadership; no election. But now Charumbira who wanted sex from his nice & abused funds wants to be the only one. No rotation in SADC, no election. You can’t say a Musangano stooge is the best SADC has !!