By Tendai Guvamombe

Treasure Media is delighted to announce the first ever Zim Legal Media Awards 2023. The event will be held next year featuring 15 categories across the media genres.
In a statement, Zim Legal Media Awards administrator Talent Bonde reiterated that the awards are part of an effort to honour journalists’ works in trying to raise awareness in understanding legal jargon.

“Welcome to the first-ever Zim Legal Media Awards in 2023! We’re here to honour the journalists who help us better understand the legal system, justice, and legal issues. We invite print, broadcast, and online journalists from Zimbabwe to join us at this prestigious event. Our goal is to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding work that makes legal matters easier to grasp. These awards are all about recognising the very best in legal journalism, and we can’t wait to see the impactful work from 2023,” she said.

Deadline for the Awards Entries will close on 3 January.

The Zim Legal Media Awards feature 15 categories, including:

  1. Zim Legal Reporter of the Year
  2. Human Rights Reporter
  3. Constitutional Reporter
  4. Parliamentary Reporter
  5. Children’s Rights Reporter
  6. Women’s Rights Reporter
  7. Court Reporter
  8. Crime Reporter
  9. Civil Law Reporter
  10. Commercial Law Reporter
  11. Environmental Reporter
  12. Traditional/Customary Law Reporter
  13. Sports Law Reporter
  14. Legal Picture of the Year
  15. People Living with Disability Rights Reporter