Tendai Guvamombe

Minister Michael Mahendere, a renowned gospel artist, is set to spearhead a fundraising campaign on the day of his 40th birthday as he embarks on a journey to establish a gospel radio station and a world class recording studio.

He revealed the plans at a Press Conference held in the Capital recently.

In his vision, he foresees a future where the world of gospel music will overwhelm the corridors of entertainment internationally.

Both, radio station and state of the recording studio will be established at Michael House, in a milestone achievement that is set to inspire many upcoming gospel artists.

“In the next 3 months, my fans and friends in Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, and many more across the world have a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in an impactful celebration-cum-fundraising campaign for a world class art recording studio, gospel radio station, and direct worship live equipment,” reiterated M inister Mahendere.

Currently, gospel music is faced with a plethora of challenges ranging from sound quality, equipments and limited airplay across the broadcast platforms.

Against this background, Mahendere’s new journey will inevitably spearhead into a new era of gospel music entertainment as the most popular genre.

The impetus journey will certainly invite gospel artists, corporate world, government, Christian world and individuals to weigh in by the means of support.

“Corporate partners, sponsors, donors can also follow and join the Minister Michael Mahendere at 40 journey on Instagram @ministermahendere, and on Facebook at @Micheal Mahendere.
Donations, public or private, can be made through the MMM@40 Campaign banking details provided in the press release. The bank accounts cover Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Australia. Individuals and organisations can give to this cause right now!
Major corporate partners, and sponsors, will also receive a partnership package with a host of brand promotion and marketing benefits, and among them, recognition on “Partners Circle” posts on digital media, press, event invitations and programme.
Any gifts, donations and sponsorships of over USD 10,000.00 will automatically qualify for special MMM@40’s Curated CDs, memorabilia, advertising and marketing opportunities at the local, continental and global levels.”