By Correspondent

The African Archbishop Ndanga announces Christian Leaders meeting in honour of Guti Council International (ACCI) Grant President Archbishop Professor Johannes Ndanga has announced an imminent Christian Leaders meeting in honour of the late Ezekiel Guti.

Guti died at the age 100 and his death  sends the entire nation mourning.

Speaking to this publication on Thursday, Professor Ndanga said the death of Ezekiel Guti comes as a great lose to  Christian families in Africa and the world.

“He is our biblical Abraham Jacob and Isaac in our local context and from us as Christian Leaders we say he is a legend who deserves a Hero’s honour especially when considering all the journeys that he has walked through.”

“On Friday all Christian Leaders are meeting at Peace Embassy in Avondale to discuss Guti’s death because we believe that his death is nolonger an issue of ZIOJA as a church alone , it is now an issue of all Christian families and the country itself.”

According to Professor Ndanga, there is every reason to celebrate Guti’s life due to immense contributions that he made over the years and therefore he deserves a Hero’s status.

“We clebrate Guti’s life because he has achieved so much in Africa and beyond hence every reason to celebrate his life. More important he is the likes of biblical Abraham, Jacob and Isaac in our local context. As a country we have to recognise his legacy not Zioja alone but us as Christians in Zimbabwe. We want him to be recognised by the Board of Christ holistically. The country has to also celebrate him as a legendary icon. Guti is truly a Legend beyond any reasonable doubt. Through his role that he played we think that he deserves to be celebrated as a National Hero. He has played a role for praying for peace and tolerance in Zimbabwe for many years. Church is a symbol of unit and therefore it’s role should be recognised and this is done through acclaiming church leaders such as Guti as a national hero.”