By Tendai Guvamombe

Wambugu Apples from Kenya in Africa has emerged as the most favored none timber trees by most farmers across the globe. Forests remain essential in amplifying both climate adaptation and mitigation.

Wambugu Apples offers wide range of none timber trees such as oranges, apples, sweet potatoes and many others.

The most fascinating feature is that, it has the adaptive capacity to be grown anywhere in the world. This has spearheaded in the increase for it’s demand.

Kate Wambugu Director of the Wambugu Apples told The Spotlight Global News that Wambugu Fruit Trees are being sought by most farmers because of their uniqueness in terms of Climate Change adaptation as a core benefit.

Kate Wambugu, Director Wambugu Apples

“Wambugu Fruit trees can be grown anywhere in the world mostly in Africa. Originally it is from Kenya. Most farmers likes it because of it’s adaptive capacity to produce fruits under difficult conditions. The fruit trees are the best ideal for Climate adaptation and mitigation because a farmer cannot see reasons to cut them down. Apart from this, they grow fast, provides shadow and produces good products for the market.”

It is estimated that Wambugu Apples reached thousands of farmers across the globe over the recent times.

This publication held an interview with Emphraim Recondah, a Zimbabwean Farmer who revealed that he has benefited a lot Wambugu trees for more than 8 years.

“Wambugu never fails, it can be grown anywhere in this world. Today if you visit my farm you will see the orchard full of Wambugu Fruit Trees.”