By Keleb Ziko Muyambo

The leader of CItizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has been criticized for sidelining key party funders as tension continues to rise at Zimbabwe’s main opposition party.

Most of the kingpins who have been ditched by Chamisa include Charlton Hwende who well funded the Gweru Congress, Tendai Biti who used his personal offices at a time when CCC was booted out Harvest House.

Welshman Ncube had also funded the Congress was also kicked out of the party along with Biti. Job Sikhala’s continued detention is also  believed to be benefiting Chamisa led faction.

An X (Tweeter) user named Cindy Soko said former CCC Secretary General Chalton Hwende was dumped by Chamisa despite his sterling efforts to fund ths party business.

“It seems that Charlton Hwende has been left without a position in the CCC party, even though he previously sponsored the party. It’s possible that he was used by Chamisa and then discarded once his usefulness was over.”

Another X user said Chamisa  discarded.  Professor Ncube, Biti and Ncube despite their great contributions to the party.

“Supporting Chamisa is a waste of time,
Ncube donated 10 heifers for Gweru congress
Biti helped them with offices at his law firm
Like Jesus Mr Hwende fed 5000 people in Gweru

Now they’re all left without positions…”