Court Correspondent

The Court doors are widely opened, as Land Developer George Katsimberis in the company of his Legal Defense Advocate Tino Chinyoka enters Court 9 for a trial before Regional Magistrate Muchuchutu Guwuriro.

On the other side, along the curving corridors of Rotten Row’s second floor, Deputy Prosecutor General Michael Reza is seen greeting Ken Sharpe’s Legal Advisor with scented smiles.

Ken Sharpe is the Russian International who is presumed a freeman under the guise of the unpopular Deed of Settlement, making him a land bargainer but still at large.

In the matter between State Vs Katsimberis, Magistrate Guwuriro has delivered more denials than favourables from a dozen applications spanning from 2022.

Chief among these, include the right to defense counsel of choice superseded by language of choice.

As the Magistrate enters, the atmosphere in the court room remains the same as the two antagonistic camps are now well versed with her rulings.

As Katsimberis took the witness stand, in pursuit of an application for a Constitutional Court referral, Advocate Chinyoka is standing rightfully besides Prosecutor Reza, holding a heap of documents ready to unearth the unforseen.

While giving oral evidence, Katsimberis narrated his ordeal in pursuit of justice in a case where he is being charged for the same facts that he is standing a State Witness in a related court case.

“State Prosecutor Michael Reza refused to give us court documents that we applied for.”

Asked by his Legal Counsel Chinyoka how he felt, he said ,

“I felt very uncomfortable due to his refusal to grant us the documents that we requested”.

Instantly, Tatiana Aleshina, one of Ken Sharpe’s top aide at Pokugara Properties enters the court room clad in an unusual oufit.

As she swiftly took the front seat of the court gallery, momentarily shook her head disagreeing with Katsimberis’ oral evidence.

She is the same woman who went at loggerheads with Tendai Biti in an alleged case of assault.

She also became prominent for her routine court styles, especially when she fingered Justice Permanent Secretary Virginia Mabhiza and the President in a major land heist by her Boss Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

“This letter was written by Tatiana Aleshina to CID. I got the letter from State Prosecutor Michael Reza,” Katsimberis added.

“I believe Michael Reza is being engaged in an incentivised prosecution where he is paid by Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.”

Documents presented in evidence before the Court include Tatiana’s letter to CID, High Court rulings, SACU letter to NPA and other court documents.

The proceedings are temporarily suspended after Reza told the Magistrate to deal a matter involving former council officials, Makwavarara and the Michael Mahachis.

The crew are known for awarding Ken Sharpe’s company a contract to construct the Airport Road without going to tender. But the construction failed to materialize despite pocketing large hectares of land in Borrowdale.