The tourism sector is regarded as one of the country’s strategic sectors for economic development in Zimbabwe.

Tendai Keith Guvamombe

Zimbabwean tourism outlook, is driven by its scenic, conducive and attractive environmental landscapes, national parks and wild-life, sparkling and magnificent water bodies, including its rich history and cultural diversity.

Zimbabwe’s strategic choice is to obtain a $5 Billion tourism economy by 2025, offering distinctive and inclusive visitor experiences in a unique, innovative and sustainable manner.

The strategic choice is rooted on Zimbabwe’s potential and desire to be a major global player in the tourism industry based on the judicious use of its unique assets of nature.

Zimbabwe is set to participate at the upcoming 66th United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Commission for Africa from the 26th to the 28th of July 2023 in Mauritius.

The Secretary for Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Ambassador Raphael Tayerera Faranisi will be leading the Zimbabwean delegation.

The UNWTO is the agency that helps ensure tourism is safe, accessible and a growing economic resource for everyone where Zimbabwe is a member state out of 155 countries, 6 associate members and more than 400 affiliate members who are stakeholders in global tourism and promote the UNWTO agency’s message.

The meeting will be held under the theme, “Rethinking Tourism for Africa: Promoting Investment and Partnerships, Addressing Global Challenges.”

As Zimbabwe’s tourism is on path to recovery post COVID-19, the platform allows for engagements and tapping into the successes of competitive African destinations.

The Zimbabwean delegation also comprises of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Chief Executive Ms Winnie Muchanyuka and the Chief Director for Tourism and Hospitality Management Ms Tarirai Musonza.