By Keleb Ziko Muyambo 

Winky D’s controversial song released during a live performance at HICC has seen Zanu Pf Senior Official Patrick Chinamasa welcoming the celebrated musician to the world of politics.

Winky D’ s political dis song is ideally perceived as a direct attack on the legitimacy of President Mnangagwa’s Government.

The trending controversial track has been criticized by self exiled Axe Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo and Former Herald Editor  Caesar Zwayi.

This time around Cde Chinamasa took on X (Tweeter) to welcome “Gaffa” Winky D to the Political landscape mocking him as the interim President of Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC).

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Friends, please welcome on the Zimbabwe Political Stage, one and only, WinkyD, Interim President of Triple C.”

Chinamasa claims to make comments based on Winky D’s live performance at Harare International Conference Centre on 31th December 2023.

“Those who have eyes, let them “eye”, and those who have ears, let them “ear”. Nokuti hatigoni kurega kutaura zvatakaona nezvotakanzwa.”