Spotlight Correspondent

The beginning of the new year has brought in tears of joy for the elderly people in the high density suburbs of Sunningdale in Harare.

More than 100 people mainly from Tose Respote   benefited from the Mr Arnold Chingwerewe, a Zimbabwe’s own young entrepreneur.

Elderly receiving donations by Selekta Base

‘Selekta Base’ is identified globally in the events planning and management, promotion and entertainment industry.

The kind donations follows , another famous Worldwide-Blowout Festival car spinning event at Borrowdale Racecourse where  ‘Selekta Base’ committed to channel all the proceeds from the event to charity.

This spearheaded the mobilization of donations for the needy.

The convoy of cars heading to Selekta Base donations

These comprised of groceries, clothes and blankets, an event which saw Selekta Base’s entourage  Ice Motors Boss Ice, Jarmaine, Team BMW, Team Subaru, and Sixstar Motorsport among other car enthusiasts.

Speaking during the hand over, Selekta Base reaffirmed his determination to continuously remember the vulnerable and the underprivileged.

“The reason why we chose Sunningdale is that mainly what we do started in Sunningdale and St Martins which is one area.  Food humpers were distributed to the needy in this high-density suburb of Sunningdale.

“This act of benevolence is making a positive impact as we strive to make a change in the lives of people. Our special thanks to car spinners who made this charity initiative possible by participating in the car spinning event,” he said.

Selekta Base has established himself as a luminary in the industry as an event planner, promoter and disk jockey.

With years of experience, he has honed his skills and become a logistical mastermind, renowned for his exceptional capabilities.

Skeleta flanked by Journalists

His impressive portfolio includes managing Zimbabwe’s largest annual car festival, the Blowout Festival, and spearheading the success of diverse events like the Goldrush, the country’s premier farming promotion.

Selekta Base’s creative marketing strategies and his ability to transcend industry boundaries have made him a prominent figure in the realm of event planning and promotion.