By Staff Reporter

Maurice Runganga, a suspected serial phone thief operating at Copacabana, Harare, could not escape from the pressing mob after he was caught red handed.

This Friday,  he failed to make it through in his daily shenanigans of pick pocketing.

The Copacabana area is a bustle of activity and after an alert eye noticed him picking a smart phone belonging to Bertha Mushori, Runganga’s world crumbled.

People who operate from Copacabana area bear testimony that Runganga (33) could have been responsible for the high number of stolen phones from the area for many years.

On several occasions, Runganga would get arrested by the police, only to be later seen walking the streets again, a free person soon after arrest.

Bertha Mushori and many other people who claim to have had their phones stolen by the serial thief for many years running were relieved that this time around, they handed Runganga over to the cops.

“This is not the first time for this guy to steal phones from people around the Copacabana area. Today, it was an unlucky day for him. We had to take him into the hands of the police to ensure justice is served,” she said.

Edwin Sabawu, a preacher who usually spreads the gospel around the Copacabana area also claimed that he had his phone stolen by Runganga.

“He also stole my phone during one of my preaching services at Copacabana. He has been using the contacts in my phone to siphon money from my church congregants. This is theft by false pretence,” said Sabawu.

It is also alleged that the serial thief has many court cases pending at the Magistrates Court where he is said to have absconded from pending trials.