By Correspondent

Zimbabwean Prophet based in Cape Town, Brighton Chikomo of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministry has told Zimbabweans that they will soon forget Ginimbi’s death.

Speaking during a Sunday service dubbed 2020 Mega Crusade on Sunday in Cape Town, Chikomo said  God is going to raise another Mbinga who will assist many people with gifts to the extent of forgetting about Ginimbi Kadungure.

“People are seriously mourning the death of Ginimbi. But let me say this to all those who are mourning Kadungure , you will soon forget about him. There is  going to be another another Mbinga , a God fearing to assist many people in the country.”

Prophet Chikomo healing congregants with unidentified fruit

According to Chikomo, a new Mbinga will bless many people with gifts in kind gesture.

“I see a man who will be a talk of the day for helping people. I see a God fearing man holding many gifts in his hand and the gifts are manifesting into a pool of cars  and money. When that moment comes everyone is gonna surprised,” he added.

Prophet Tonny Chikomo, has racked in a lot of controversies around his way of healing and miraculous acts. Some alleges that he is a fake prophet only after fame and money.

He claims to be associated with Prophet Bushiri whom he salutes as his spiritual mentor.