By Correspondent

Zanu Pf’s Poritburo Member Omega Hungwe has hailed President Mnangagwa for championing good road infrastructure in the country. She said the positive direction is now benefiting different sectors of the economy.

She made the remarks on Saturday while addressing Zanu PF supporters at a rally held in Highfield Harare.

In her remarks she reiterated that the road networks being championed by the Government is now benefiting the capital city through transportation of agriculture produce and other services.

“I urge you to vote for President ED Mnangagwa. Look at all the good reforms he has brought to us. There are good road networks constructed across the country.”

“You may think that the newly constructed roads are now benefiting Harare as the Capital City. But let me tell you that , these roads have actually made it easier for the transportation of grain and agriculture produce. As a province we should be celebrating these road developments,” she said.

The meeting was organized by Highfield/ Glenview District Coordination Committee(DCC) led by Godfrey Gomwe as the District Chairman.