By Correspondent

Effective elections reporting is key to institute  changes needed by the society from the politicians that they voted into power. This came to light during a media worship on  Elections Reporting held by Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) on Thursday in Harare.

The one day workshop was aimed at equipping media practitioners from different stables with adequate skills and knowledge on Elections Reporting, ahead of the 2023 Elections in Zimbabwe.

Miriam Sibanda one of the trainers said Journalists plays an important role in instituting changes needed by the electorate especially from the political leaders who they vote into power.

Participants during Elections Reporting Workshop held by ZUJ on Thursday

“Journalists should take stock of those who were voted into power. This gives us answers needed in various areas such as education, health, polices among other areas.”

Sibanda also urged for a continuous elections coverage in a cycle, in what she termed Effective Elections Reporting.

“Elections reporting should be done in a continuous cycle. This should encompass pre-elections period, during elections and post elections period.”

She also urged Journalists to be well furnished on how to get information pertaining to elections in a manner than shuns sporadic coverage.