By Kenneth Mohammed Hadebe(South Africa)

Honourable Dr. W. Gayo has brought confusion  into  Pan African Parliament’s business of the day after he imposed himself to be the Acting President of the Continental Legislative Body.

Currently PAP’s Executive President is on an official leave which will expire anytime this month.

Interms of Rule 19(1) of PAP Rules of Procedure, the acting President is Honourable Lucia the Third Vice President of the Pan African Parliament.

The First Vice President and the Second Vice President have already acted in the absence of the Executive President this year.

Driven by personal expedience, Gayo went on to impose himself as the Acting President of the Pan African Parliament knowing that Honourable Lucia was supposed to be the acting President.

Kalimbwe congratulates Hon. Gayo for staging a failed coup at PAP

Apart from issuing out retrogressive reforms in the smallest timeframe, he brought tumoil  into PAP Business causing havoc across the continent.

He humiliated himself by taking a self image while in the office of PAP President sending a message that he was now the Acting President. He then proceeded to hold a Press Conference with journalists in an act of advanced self validation.

This publication also unearthed that Gayo has been a long rival of the PAP President working in cahoots with Zambian rogue Political Activist Joseph Kalimbwe.

Kalimbwe is on record posting negative information about PAP President and this time around he had the guts to congratulate Gayo for being an Acting President.

He made rampant changes unprocedurally and this has been projected to negatively affect his reputation at the Pan African Parliament.