By Keleb Ziko Muyambo

The self exiled  politician, Professor Jonathan Moyo has blasted Winky D’s performance at Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) as  he closed last curtain of 2023.

His new album carries tracks are not only controversial but carries lyrical content that is politically inclined.

Professor Moyo made the sentiments on his X (tweeter) account.

” This does pass for entertainment, not top-drawer stuff but mundane political entertainment with no political value or mileage in the scheme of things; and to be sure, it’s not music even by the poorest of standards; but truth be told, uku kurisker mahara!.”  

What does it mean to take risk or kurisker?

“Risk means taking a chance, trying something new, and possibly failing or succeeding, but we must all experience risk in our lives. Taking chances is one of the most crucial ways of helping to advance one’s skills and gaining experience.”> importanc…
Importance of Taking Risks – South Dakota State
University, 14 Nov 2022

It is as hilarious – but in an embarrassing way – as it is frankly tragic that, going by their inane comments on this post, Nelson Chamisa’s supporters apparently don’t understand what it means to say someone is taking a risk or kuti arikurisker.

Taken alone, the shocking thoughtlessness they are displaying is enough to explain the source of the crippling mess that is gripping their beleaguered party!”

Meanwhile, outspoken politician Temba Mliswa has contemplated to attend Winky D’s shows despite the negative stanz by the likes of Herald Editor Caesar Zwayi and Jonathan Moyo.

” With each silly post against him I’m tempted even more to attend Winky D’s next gig. Maybe he is the one to wean me from my favourite, Amapiano. Has he become so big that even maProfessor are uncomfortable. Leave him to use his talent please hapana waabira.”