By Court Correspondent

A cheeky Harare fraudster who impersonated two former cabinet ministers to commit fraud has been jailed for an effective 26 months after conning a Bindura man.

Bindura magistrate Joylene Mudhege suspended 10 months for 5 years on condition Tinashe Christopher Munhuweyi of Crowborough Harare does not commit a similar offence.

Prosecutor Carson Kundiona told the court that on 30 May 2023 Munhuweyi contacted Ngoni Masoka of Bindura purporting to be former Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa. The accused claimed to be hospitalised in South Africa and that his daughter Miriam Chidhakwa had experienced a vehicle breakdown at Mukumbura border post while undertaking study research. Munhuweyi asked for 200 dollars to repair the vehicle promising to pay the money the following day.

Masoka agreed to lend him cash which his wife paid through Mukuru money transfer agent. The money was withdrawn by Shelton Munetsi at a Harare retail store and handed over to Munhuweyi.

After the due date for payment of the money lapsed the complainant contacted former minister Walter Chidhakwa asking for his money and Chidhakwa denied asking for help from the complainant.

In October Munhweyi contacted Masoka again claimed to be former minister of Agriculture Joseph Made requesting for 400 dollars to refuel his truck at Mukumbura border post.

Masoka filed a police report leading to police investigations. the police interviewed Shelton Munetsi who confirmed withdrawing the funds for Munhuweyi who used to be his client when he drove taxis. This led to the fraudster’s arrest and conviction after full trial.