By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (South Africa)

By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe

A Zimbabwean man, Tamuka Majaya’s shenanigan sexually assaulted the woman in South Africa.

Majaya  tried to entice a lady(name temporarily with held) based in South Africa to visit Zimbabwe on a business trip before sexually assaulting her.

This news crew discovered that, the assaulted woman is a member of a SA based gender organisation.

This is the same woman who tried to assist Majaya’s daughter, Paida Majaya.

WhatsApp chats accessed by this publication, shows that Majaya send his nudes to the abused woman, the same person he met in South Africa in an attempt to assist Paida Majaya.

He send his nudes (picture of his manhood) with enticing sexual texts.

This publication is reliably informed that, the matter has generated into a police case in South Africa.

These events unfolded lately after Tamuka and his daughter tried to visit the Pan African Parliament for a staged demo.

Currently he is on record appearing on local media tabloids contemplating to fight his adversities.

He is the same person who had dirty business operations of customs Clearing agents, under ZIMRA, a Zimbabwean Government institution where he single strike some shoddy deals of vehicles clearance in Durban, South Africa before swindling many Customers of their hard earned thousands of SA rands.

Majaya was convicted for 18 years for defrauding a State Procurement Board thousands of dollars. He was later realised after a payment of restitution by his first wife before dumping her in an act of abuse.

With his criminal record, it is most likely that Majaya will be barred from carrying out business deals both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.