Entertainment Reporter

The Chimurenga music artist, Chief Hwenje Tirimusango aka Shumba and the Big Lions last week released a new album titled “Ndakavaremera”.

The 10 track album which was realised on the local radio station in what has maintained Shumba’s rise in the music industry.

Some of the songs expected to hit the airwaves of the local stations include “Ndiwe” , “Ndakavaremera”, “Favour” and “Sectret”  featuring a rising sungura star Mark  Ngwazi.

The album comes at a time when the artists in the music industry sort a relief from the doldrums of the COVID-19 hence the proliferation of shows and entertainment events.

So far, “Dakota” is a single track which the musician is identified with despite realising the hit song during the pick of COVID-19.