By Loice Takarindwa

A local journalist with The Herald, Robert Mukondiwa has roasted self exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo for being a political promiscuity in a sudden U-turn to ZANU PF.

Jonathan Moyo went into an exile during the ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ where he together with other G40 Kingpins, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuao and Walter Mzembi  spoke baldly against the Mnangagwa led Government.

Jonathan Moyo made a u-turn after hoping that opposition political parties in Zimbabwe would boot out Zanu Pf in the recent elections , a move that would spearhead his imminent return from exile.

In a X (tweeter) post Robert Mukondiwa denounced Moyo’s sudden U-turn in praising the regime that he denounced prior 2018 elections.

“One day you were sharing disparaging remarks about Mai Mutsvangwa. Iwewe watove saskamu. Rombe zvaro. Ha wafunga kudzoka shuwa. You said horrible distasteful things about that awesome woman. Uri bipolar chete Nathaniel. Hit rock bottom and started digging you have!”

The following are two antagonizing statements by Professor Moyo. 

“Chris and Monica. This is a good example of a high profile couple getting real and down to earth; looking decent and unrestrained by their status in society, having good old fun in an ordinary way in a normal environment with no fanfare and no bling bling at a public setting; dancing together to a helluva blast from the past, Eddy Grant’s anti-apartheid hit, ‘Gimme Hope Jo’anna.Good show, for sure. If you have or you find a problem with this, you are the problem”

“Monica Mutsvangwa must shutup, she will be burnt by fire you said she is breathing . People know about her long outstanding liaison, with Emmerson Mnangagwa which started in Maputo before independence. Monica ngaatibvire. She must speak for government and Zim not her extented family!