By Staff Reporter

Meet Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, Harare’s all time land baron. He is back in the Capital after spending many years on a self imposed foreign exile.

The exile sounded more driven by personal expediency. During his self imposed tenure in the foreign land, only rumours would send hisses concerning his whereabouts.

His alleged globetrotting expedition from Ukraine, Mauritius and to South Africa was undoubtedly driven by elements of evading course of justice underpinned with time pushing techniques.

The man left the country at a time he was wanted most. Being a fugitive of justice, he left his criminal lieutenants at the centre of presiding over corruption cases on his behalf.

Michael Van Blerk and Tatiana Aleshina are some of his entrusted lieutenants to appear before Rotten Row Court, High Court and Supreme Court answering allegations of land corruption on his behalf.

During all the laborious court proceedings Kenneth Sharpe appeared to be the only missing link.

Some of the court proceedings relates to the grabbing of Airport Road Construction without going to tender under the guise of a bogus company known as Augur Investments.

Surprisingly, he was awarded more land despite failing to deliver on the Airport Deal.

Sharpe is also the main culprit in a Joint Venture Company with the City of Harare. Under the JVC he was supposed to receive land for developing modern-day markets in the likes of Warren Park and Mbudzi round-about. Sharpe went on to grab land without delivering.

This made him a real fraudster.

Harare Residents also filed a famous court case against Kenneth Sharpe for his land deals that saw him emerging the biggest land baron of the Century.

All the court cases revealed that Sharpe bargained the biggest land in Greater Harare on a silver platter.

Sharpe had earlier own crooked another businessman, George Katsimberis millions of US dollars after duping him in a joint venture agreement.

Currently, Sharpe’s aid Michael John Van Blerk is constantly appearing in court facing malicious damage of property belonging to Katsimberis.

All the court cases have been commencing in the absence of Mr Sharpe.

Sharpe is also embroiled in a land scandal where the City of Harare is turning two golf courses into residential stands. Sherwood and Warren Hills golf courses are the spotlighted lands.

His return will surely trigger an atmosphere of animosity among the residents of Harare who are concerned about the issues of land corruption in the capital.