By Agnes Magunje

As much as we may think that the liberation war was fought and won, another war has erupted, another demon has risen. A different type of war created by a demon that controls the means of exchange.

The introduction of the US Dollar is a wolf covered in sheep skin, it seemed and seems good as an answer to many problems but has also created economic chaos. The battle continues, causing poverty, distress, loss of jobs, broken families, and economic misery as all sectors of business have lost confidence in the system and the direction the currency has taken the nation.

Opportunities created by the demon are short lived and only the minority benefit from its trail of turmoil, it turns some to riches in an instant and most to shambles. The narrative has to be changed and constant change is needed in order to win the battle because intentions have to be solid and extensional, transformative and deliberate.

Radical decisions dig a deeper pit and strengthen the demon as it takes advantage of the future.

The new war can be won, but only by visionaries who see beyond themselves, those who can see the end before the beginning and only those who live in the future can address the problems of today.

It takes more than talk to kill this demon, selflessness, consideration, and serious acceptance of our weakness as an army, can only enable more grounded action to be taken in order to win and kill the demon that continues to grow stronger as it sucks blood from every vein in the stream.

It is time to choose life or death and whatever is chosen will have to be decision that looks at the bigger picture and confronts the demon head on whatever the circumstances. Then we can look back and say we are indeed liberators, of not only racial disparities but economic disparities, for what can we be without economic independence.