By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe’s own Afro-Fusion artist, David Hondoyedzomba aka HD is now back in the game following a year in limbo due to COVID-19.

HD’s popular songs include ‘Baba Munengerombe’ featuring Sulu Chimbetu, Usandisiye featuring Rute Mbangwa and Uncle Sam among others.

Most artists were also affected by the COVID 19 lockdowns and with the ease of the situation have seen many artists like HD coming back in the game.

In the past few weeks HD and the Black Ways have been performing to his best in different places of the country.

He was called back to perform at Aspindale Sports Club by public demand before shocking resellers with a magnificent performance at Mixers Grill in Eastly with Crooner hoping to meet his fans again this coming Sunday.

“This time we are back for good and music is part of my DNA. We will continue to display our best performances to our music fans in the country and abroad.”

This coming Friday the afrofusion crooner will be performing live at Mzansi Launge in Mvurwi.