Loice Takarindwa

People of Mazowe North constituency feel betrayed by their Member of Parliament Campion Mugweni who has failed to make a single contribution in Parliament for five years.

The electorate told Mugweni at a meeting in Mvurwi that they sent him to Parliament to speak on their behalf and not to add numbers.

“We are shocked that our MP cannot even make a single contribution in Parliament one wonders if we have a representative in Parliament, I am sure we can verify this fact by checking the parliamentary hansard. Not even a single contribution from the MP can be located” Gift Dzobo said.

Sekai Nyamasoka said, ” The duty of an MP is to speak but we are not happy with you honourable you are dumb in Parliament why?”

Mugweni begged for another term saying he was learning.

“I know you feel let down but please give me another term because the first term you gave me l was learning politics,” he said.

Other people said they could not send him to Parliament to learn instead they want a person who is able to represent them in the house of Assembly.

“Surely we cannot send an MP to Parliament to learn we want a representative who if it pleases the President can be appointed a Minister,” Joice Madombwe said.

However,Mugweni is fighting hard to get another term despite him missing in his constituency for a long time only to resurface for the ZANU PF primaries.