By Spotlight Correspondent

ECOWAS Youth Ambassador HE Jamezany James has hinted on the 2024 Festac Africa Festival and major highlights.

Prominent figures to be expected include Professor Plo Lumumba who will be joined by Africa’s top 10 young influencers .

Some of the highlights include $5000 grant prizes to be won during the Festival.

“The focus for 2024 FESTAC AFRICA FESTIVAL is Centered on Youth Empowerment. Come join Prof PLO Lumumba and 10 top Africa Youth Influencers of Africa with over 1 million subscribers each to understand how you can also be part of the eco-system plus come pitch your business as youth and stand a chance to win $5000 in business grant. This is how FESTAC AFRICA is impacting and Changing Lifes. Register to attend at,” reads Ambassador James Statement this Saturday.