Staff Correspondent

Kylian Mbappé, who has an innate ability to decelerate, draw an opponent into a 1v1 situation and then accelerate past them.

Possessing the perfect harmony of power, technique and game intelligence, Mbappé’s instinct when he receives the ball on the left flank is to turn and play while evaluating the possible solutions to get in behind the defensive line, aware of his remarkable attributes to ultilise as part of any solution.

He often slows the play down, sometimes to a near standstill, tempting opposition players closer then use technical trickery to further commit them, enticing them to come a step closer or force a loss of their momentum, before unleashing his incredible power and technique to shift the ball long and explode into the space behind the defensive line.

He masters different situations by constructing differing variations of this signature skill to reach the same objective.