By Kenneth Hadebbe (South Africa)

Pre-determined failures and driven by personal expediency are the best words to describe the weak project designed by Dr. Gayo and Zambia’s Joseph Kalimbwe in their attempts to strike a coup de tat at Pan African Parliament(PAP).

The screwed  project was ideally meant to make His Excellency President of the Pan African Parliament to capitulate from the position of leadership before the end of the year.

The duo have not only brought harm to PAP but placed the legislative continental body into disrepute.

It is a known fact that Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira went on an official leave in August when his home country, Zimbabwe was going for Elections . This is the same period when he retained his position as the PAP President after  overwhelmingly voted into the Chief’s Council as a Senator.

The Government of Zimbabwe affirmed this by sending its list of names to represent Zimbabwe at the Legislative Continental Body. The list included Senator Chief Charumbira’s name.

Joseph Kalimbwe Zambia’s Social Media Influencer working with Dr. Gayo to unseat Senator Charumbira at PAP

The events in the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s Harmonized elections emerged to be a huge threat to Gayo’s sinister agenda to unseat a constitutionally elected President of the Pan African Parliament.

Gayo as the Second Vice President dubiously assumed the position of the Acting President of PAP knowing that it was Hon Lucia’s turn to be the Acting President.

Kalimbwe’s social media post alarmed Africa when he congratulated Dr Gayo for emerging the Acting President of the Pan African Parliament.

The Pan African Parliament Mildrand In South Africa

The choreographed events saw Gayo demanding access to the office of PAP’s  Executive President at Mildrand in South Africa.

Legislators from Gayo’s home country in Ethiopia,  questioned Gayo’s  deeds at the Pan African Parliament. It was reported that he has never retained back to Ethiopia for local Parliamentary Sessions since August.

Gayo’s failed project has dragged PAP’s name into disrepute especially when he was recently caught in a pool of corrupt activities.