UNICEF Zimbabwe this week launched a project inviting adolescents throughout Zimbabwe to share short social media videos showing how they contribute to making their communities a better place for all.

As of today, and till 16 November, adolescents can send their videos. The best videos will be selected to feature on the digital platforms of UNICEF and media houses as part of the UNICEF campaign Nothing for Us, Without Us.

The campaign of UNICEF called Nothing for Us, without Us highlights the situation of adolescents aged 10 to 19 years, their power as actors of change in their communities and the programme work done by the Government of Zimbabwe, UNICEF, and their partners for adolescents to address their needs.

Many adolescents in Zimbabwe are setting up activities to address community challenges. Adolescents work on issues related to various issues, including climate change, education, health, child protection, inclusion, sports and recreation, arts and culture, mental health, skill development, drugs and substance abuse, etc. Their work shows how adolescents can make a difference for the better in their communities.

UNICEF launched the project with the support of the communication agency Adrenaline, aims to make the adolescent’s initiatives visible to all and inspire adolescents. Through short 30-second videos, adolescents can show what they are doing in their communities. Adolescents are invited via social media posts to join the project and send their short videos to UNICEF through WhatsApp on 078 465 65 07.

Adolescents are called to be natural in their videos, creative, cheerful, and optimistic. The best videos will be selected to feature on the social media platforms of UNICEF and media houses in the coming weeks. The selected videos will be posted as a source of ideas and best practices for other adolescents, inspiring and encourage them to be engaged in their communities and make positive choices.