By Correspondent

The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe(ACCZ) has made resolutions to take actions against former members who fraudulently sold residential stands which were meant to benefit many Christians.

The decision was made over the weekend in Harare during a Bishops Conference held by ACCZ Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, the newly elected National Executive Council and Zionist /Apostolic Bishops numbering to 720.

The resolutions made asserted that a series of audits will be conducted to in bring transparency and accountability on the residential stands that were sold during the tenure of the National Executive Committee that was fired in January this year.

Edgar Maireva ACCZ President

Speaking to this publication, ACCZ current President Bishop Maireva said they have made a resolution to recover all residential stands corruptly sold by former members.

“In our Bishops meeting, convened here in Harare were we discussed a number of issues. Chief among these , include the residential st nds which were fraudulently sold by our former members. We resolved that:
1) ACCZ to recover all stands fraudulently sold by corrupt axe officials.
2) To legally attach all properties aquired in the name of ACCZ,” he said.

The names of corrupt Bishops will be exposed by a full audit report that will be availed soon. The residential stands were looted in Hwange, Gweru and Zvishavane.

According to Maireva , ACCZ has also taken a path to restore it’s founding principles that had been compromised by the axed members of the National Executive Council.

“The ACCZ Bishops Conference also made resolutions to restore the organization back to it’s founding principles and aligning it’s programmes with Government policies on sustainable development and initiatives in the country,”