By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (South Africa)

The Pan African Parliament Regional Caucuses has bemoaned Second Vice President Dr Ahebiri W. Gayo for engaging in actions that undermines the supremacy of the African Union(AU) organs.

In a letter dated 7 February 2024, PAP’s Regional Caucuses made a formal appeal  to His Excellency, Moussa Faki Mahamat Chairperson of the African Union Commission, expressing displeasure on the conduct of the Pan African Parliament Hon Dr. Ashebir W. Gayo.

In the letter, the Regional Chairpersons indicated that Gayo’s actions should be curtailed as a matter of urgency to avert the risk of undermining the African Union and the deepening of the challenges affecting the Pan African Parliament.

“In view of the foregoing, we, therefore, once again implore Your Excellency to take decisive action against the excesses of Hon. Dr. Gayo and immediately put a stop to these actions which, if left unchecked, will not only undermine the credibility of the African Union, but will further deepen the crisis at PAP and leave the Union vulnerable to potential litigation.”

The Regional Caucus Chairpersons have resolved to disassociate with anything implemented under the guidance of the Second Vice President as they wait for AU to take concrete measures.

“As Regional Caucus Chairpersons, we once again re-emphasise that we shall not participate in any activity initiated by the 2nd Vice President and we will continue to advise Parliamentarians from our respective regions to refrain from doing so until the Policy Organs give a conclusive determination on the matter.”

The move follows an unsanctioned meeting of PAP Legislators called by Hon Gayo to be held in Ethiopia.

This is despite the fact that PAP’s meetings are officially held in Mildrand South Africa. Gayo made a fatal mistake of inviting legislators who are expected to self fund their trips.

Against this background , The Regional Caucuses bemoaned the unsanctioned Legislative Session , alleging that Gayo does not have legal standing to call for a PAP meeting in a manner that is inconsistent with PAP’s Provisions enshrined in the Rules of Procedures of the Continental Legislative Body.

“Hon. Dr. Gayo cannot schedule an elective session before the Executive Council and the Assembly of Heads of State and Government have made a determination on the situation at PAP. In doing so, Hon. Dr. Gayo is undermining the authority of the AU Policy Organs and deliberately disregarding the roadmap laid out by Your Excellency towards the resolution of this crisis. This cannot continue unabated.Hon. Dr. Gayo cannot oversee the elective session as he is the instigator of the current crisis and is, therefore, conflicted.”