By Correspondent

Ark of Peace, a sacred place found in Zimbabwe Africa, depicts many resemblance of biblical places such as Shilow, Bethel and Gilead. The place makes one envision God’s Ark of the Covenant in respect of it’s endless spiritual wonders.

Making new adventures and discoveries through traveling makes up the whole essence of tourism. Religious tourism is the newest area that has remain untapped over ages.

The current drivers are centred around pilgrims, attraction and push factors as the main products offered by the religious tourism sectors.

Ark of Peace is one of the finest place that recently emerged as a religious tourism place.

The sacred place is approximately located some 45 kilometers out of Kadoma Town and came about in the reign of Pentecostal Church of Christ International(PCCI) led by Arch-Bishop Professor Johanes Ndanga who doubles as Apostolic Christian Council International(ACCI) Grant President and a Special Envoy to Universal Peace Federation International(UPFI).

Ach-Bishop Professor Jahanes Ndanga

The place has healing powers to diseases and all forms of sickness to the extent of attracting travelers from around Africa, Europe , Asia and Australia.

When this publication visited the holy place sometime in April of 2023, observed four(4) individuals from United Kingdom praying. The whole place was also overwhelmed by locals.

This was a month after the President of Zimbabwe Emerson D. Mnangagwa visited the place.

Rashai Lunga, Pentecostal Church of Christ International
Chief Administrator, told this publication how the holy place came into existence in October 2017. He joined the church in 2003.

Rashai Lunga, Pentecostal Church International
Chief Administrator

Lunga narrated how holy spirit spoke through Archbishop Ndanga, instructing the church to plant specified trees at the middle point of the church, resembling peace in the wake of Operation Restore Legacy in Zimbabwe and Xenophobia in South Africa.

“Holy Spirit spoke through Archbishop Ndanga around October in 2017 and instructed the church to plant specified trees. The trees were planted as a sign that reassembled stopping a war that was about to erupt in November of the same year and the Xenophobia in South Africa.”
The place is now a centre of prayer for healing the sick and afflicted, aggrieved, fortune seekers and poverty ridden.

“Since then ,we have witnessed countless miracles at this place. As written in the bible, the sick shall get healed, the crippled sh ll walk. These are manifesting into realities. Those mentally disturbed are being referred by medical practitioners. Travellers always pass through this place for life blessings. At some point a dead person resurrected at this holy place and she have since become a church member.”

Some of the trees planted at the holy shrine include mango, orange, guava among others.

All trees have biblical names. These include Tree of Abraham, Tree of God, Tree of Jacob, Tree of Isaac, Tree of Moses and Tree of Noah among others.

After President’s visit at the holy shrine, the government donated a tune of 400 trees in promoting rur al afforestation programmes in the wake of both religious knowledge systems and climate change.

400 trees were planted after President’s visit at Ark of Peace