By Loice Takarindwa

From zero to hero is the story of 34 year old Parable  Chinamhora whose entrepreneurial engineering services got a massive boost with a zero budget.

In a an economy where inflation is a talk of the day Parable managed to take courage in raising his ambitions in excelling in local engineering services.

According to Chinamhora after completing school in 2007 he could not find a stable and struggled to find ends meet.

He realized that his dream could come true when he decided to venture in technical engineering, a field that is still relevant in the country.

He attended a (3) year course with Harare Polytechnic before teaming up with a colleague to start his own company at zero capital. Today he has gained momentum in producing high quality sliding gates , frames and doors for corporates and individuals.

“After attending the relevant studies at Harare Polytechnic me and my friend we decided to start an engineering company without any capital.”

Chinamhora  paid 50 US bucks to rent a workshop and he did not have any equipment to support his newly found company.

“I was nervous to start the new company because there were no papers, employees. I was the only employee in the company. I only paid 50.00 dollars for the office which is used as a storeroom or workshop. But there were no machines to lick start the operations.”

From this moment Chinamhora started to rent some equipments from nearby established individuals until he he gained momentum to purchase his own equipments.

“I started to rent some equipments from well established individuals. This is how i started to grow up in terms of the trade. I learned to purchase equipments for my newly found company which I named Outer Cast Engineering.”

Today Parable’s company has created (6) jobs directly and indirectly. He sees it expanding to become an established business organization in the next (5) years.