“Towards 50 boreholes – 10 years of progress in Goromonzi” “Borehole by borehole, PLZ making a difference Goromonzi.”

Amidst the nationwide water crisis that has gripped the country, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe (PLZ) has taken proactive measures to address the water shortage issue by refurbishing and raising the Chinyika 3 dam spillway.

“Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe acknowledges the nationwide drought crisis currently being faced throughout the country. The low water levels in dams are not unique to Goromonzi alone where PLZ is located,” said the General Manager Mr. Henry Zhu.

However, to address the water scarcity issue, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe has taken proactive steps to increase the water capacity of nearby dams.

The company recently constructed and raised the Chinyika 3 dam spillway by 1.5 meters. The construction was completed beginning of February this year with the hope harvesting rain water through the 2024 to 2025 rain season.

The raised spillway is expected to harvest an additional 1500MGL of water, equivalent to 1.5 million cubic meters. This improvement was made with the intention of ensuring water availability for both local communities, agricultural farmers, and the PLZ industry.

Looking towards the future, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe has long-term plans to construct an additional dam downstream of Chinyika 3 dam.

This new dam is expected to have a water capacity ranging from 5000MGL to 8000MGL, further increasing the accessibility of water resources for all stakeholders involved.

The company reaffirms its commitment to responsible water usage and sustainability. It will continue to invest resources in enhancing and increasing water carrying capacity in the dams they draw from. PLZ has requested approval from ZINWA to raise the dam-walls and spillway of surrounding dams, aiming to contribute to water security in a country facing scarcity issues.

As the country grapples with water scarcity issues, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe is dedicated to playing its part in ensuring water security for all.It is important to note that the drought affecting dams around PLZ is a national crisis, not unique to the area, and efforts to address the water scarcity issue should be commended.

The company’s actions reflect its commitment to sustainable water management and responsible usage, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to this vital resource,” added the General Manager.

As the country continues to face challenges related to water scarcity, collaboration between industries, communities, and government entities will be crucial in developing long-term solutions to address the ongoing crisis.

The General Manager also remarked that, “PLZ’s initiative serves as a positive example of proactive measures that can be taken to mitigate the impact of drought and ensure water security for all.”

As part of its many CSR projects in 2023, PLZ constructed the Kubatsirana clinic bridge, which is awaiting its official opening. These CSR initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to investing in the local community.In 2024, PLZ CSR projects will focus on tackling water shortages by drilling boreholes in various areas of the district, including ward 17 (2 boreholes), ward 16, and ward 13.

In the long run and over the next 10 years, PLZ will make great strides in providing clean water access to the communities of Goromonzi. With the goal of drilling 5 boreholes every year, for the next 10 years the company will establish 50 boreholes in various locations across the province hoping to reach even more communities in need and ensure sustainable access to clean water for generations to come.

The impact of this initiative is transformative, as countless families will have access to clean and safe water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.

This will not only improve the overall health and well-being of the community members but also has positive ripple effects on education, livelihoods, and poverty alleviation.

Together, we can make a lasting difference and create a brighter future for all residents of Goromonzi.Over the past two years, PLZ has supported agriculture through sponsorship and market assistance.

As the company is unable to purchase all produce, it plans to revamp the Majuru shopping centre farmers market to accommodate more vendors.