By Tendai Guvamombe

EcoEthics Bangladesh, a youth movement in environment and climate change is set to host a hybrid workshop on Climate Action on the 19th January 2024 with a view to empower communities towards achieving sustainable change.

EcoEthics Bangladesh is one of the entities trending under EcoEthics Global Movement found by Madhvi Chittoor, a young climate activist and UN Child Advisor based in Colorado USA. She will be one of the key speakers.

Key speakers include Navid Anjum Hasan,  Country Advisor Bangladesh, Training and Planning Head, EcoEthics Bangladesh and Emdaduh Rahman, the President of EcoEthics Bangladesh.

Other key speakers will come from the EcoEthics Global Movement representatives in the likes of USA, Europe, India and Africa.

Participants wishing to join virtually are registering via Madhvi4Ecoethics official website.