Charumbira’s return from leave to normalise PAP

One of the first things that usually happen during illegal take-over of power is the suspension of the constitution and other enabling legislations and the dissolution of governing structures in the institution.

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South Africa gears itself to host various delegations from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) member States from the 2nd – 6th October in a conference that will focus on the evolution of oversight on public financial management and accountability in the SADC region.

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PAP should resume it’s business, Legislators

Gayo, an Ethiopian Legislator embarked on a failed Coup sometime in August this year when President of the Pan African Parliament Senator Charumbira went on an official leave. Gayo, defied PAP's Rule 19(1) of PAP Rules of Procedure where he proclaimed himself Acting President knowing that Honourable Lucia was the Acting President, a position that is held by all Vice Presidents on rotational basis.

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PAP Legislators refused to revolt against a seating President

A number of parliamentarians who attended the just concluded Pan-African Parliament Regional Conference on Governance, Ratification Promotion, Legislative Incorporation and Implementation of the African Union Legal Instruments on Shared Values in the Republic of Chad have alleged that they were offered bribes to induce them into endorsing the illegal takeover of the leadership of the Parliament as well as support to dump the recent amendments to the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

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PAP Acting President, Hon Lucia leads West African Caucus to Cape Verde and Côte d’Ivoire

She was on 21 August 2023 appointed the Acting President of the Parliament on rotation, when the President, Hon. Chief Fortune Charumbira proceeded on leave

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Gayo never returned to Ethiopia since August

The Pan African Parliament's Second Vice President Honourable Dr. W Gayo has been at the PAP Headquarters in Mildrand South Africa since 23 August 2023. Reports coming through indicate that Gayo might have abandoned his official duties in Ethiopia as a Legislator.

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Gayo’s controversies unearthed amid ambitious stance at PAP

The Ethiopian public, particularly on social media, express widespread disapproval of Ashebir’s leadership. Many Ethiopians believe that if given the opportunity to elect their leaders, Ashebir would not receive a single vote.

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Kalimbwe exposed for peddling lies at Pan African Parliament

Zambian Social Media Influencer is being hired by a camp belonging to Honourable W. Gayo to communicate lies against Pan African Parliament 's current President Chief Fortune Charumbira.

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Chief Fortune Charumbira still PAP President

The Acting President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Hon. Lucia Maria Mendes Goncalves Dos Passos has expressed grave concern over the circulation of a fake story on various social media platforms alleging that the President of the Pan African Parliament, His Excellency, Chief Fortune Zephania Charumbira, has been fired from the Pan African Parliament on […]

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Masarira’s plea for a female Deputy President

Today, Mr President,you have appointed two men again making the executive a men's affair. Mr President, when you took oath on the 4th of September 2023 affirming that you will be faithful to Zimbabwe and will obey, uphold and defend the constitution and all the other laws of Zimbabwe.

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