By Alfred Magwaza

In a strongly worded press statement released today, Manyara Irene Muyenziwa, President of FORUS Party, has expressed deep concern over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Zimbabwe, attributing much of the suffering to the actions of land barons across several provinces.

Muyenziwa’s statement highlighted the distressing situation faced by many citizens, particularly in Masvingo, Matebeleland North, Matebeleland South, and Mashonaland Provinces, where illegal settlements have been established. She stated, “It is heartbreaking that people who have lived for years in their homes are now being evicted and labelled as squatters, even though they were given the land by the Chiefs and other authorities.”

The President emphasized the need for urgent government intervention to address the crisis and prioritize the welfare of the citizens. She urged, “The government must show compassion and respect for the citizens and ensure that their welfare is paramount.”

FORUS Party has been vocal in denouncing the activities of land barons, attributing immense suffering to their actions. Muyenziwa recalled the recent loss of lives due to flash floods triggered by heavy rains in illegally allocated settlements, stating, “This was a consequence of land barons who allocated people in wetlands, without regard for their safety.”

The party’s press release called for comprehensive action to address the root causes of the crisis, including corruption, mismanagement, and lack of accountability in the land sector. Muyenziwa demanded that the government conduct a thorough audit of all land transactions and allocations, prosecute offenders regardless of political affiliation, and implement reforms to ensure transparency and accountability.

FORUS Party’s demands included regularizing illegal settlements, prosecuting land barons and their accomplices, and reforming the land sector to promote transparency and efficiency. The party also emphasized the importance of respecting traditional leaders and local communities in land matters and enforcing laws to protect the environment.

In solidarity with affected citizens, FORUS Party pledged to continue fighting for their rights and dignity. Muyenziwa urged citizens to remain vigilant against illegal land dealings and called on civil society to support the quest for justice and security.