By Loice Takarindwa

The President of FEEZ Political Party, Godfrey Tsenengamu has vowed to take away SA owned ZIMPLATS in Mhondoro in retaliation of the operation Dhudhula that has claimed the lives of Zimbabwean citizens.

Tsenengamu made the remarks this afternoon while addressing journalists in Harare. He blames President Munangagwa for failing to take concrete actions in addressing the plight of Zimbabweans in South Africa.

“In retaliation of what is happening in South Africa we have vowed to take 100 percent ownership of Zimplats in Mhondoro Ngezi. If Zanu Pf blocks our way we will definitely direct our anger on them.”

“We call upon President Mnangagwa to visit his South African counterpart President Ramaphosa so that they resolve the situation of our citizens in the neighbouring country.”

Tsenengamu also hinted on FEEZ’s plans to voluntarily conduct a march to SA Embassy in Zimbabwe where they would hand over a petition to the Ambassador.

“We will unveil our plan to conduct a march to the SA Embassy in Zimbabwe so that we hand over our petition to the South African Ambassador on the issue affecting our citizens in South Africa.”

Tsenengamu also said Zimbabwe at some point accommodated South Africa, Mozambique , Zambia during their struggles but the situation on the treatment of nationalities is unfortunate.

“We used to accommodate Zambians, Mozambicans and South Africans during thier own struggles and we thought we are one big brother African family but the South Africans have taught us the hard way.”