By Kenneth Mohammed Hadebe (South Africa)

An article published by the has revealed shocking realities about the sinister agenda being propelled by Honourable Dr Gayo and Joseph Kalimbwe to unseat the Executive President of Pan African Parliament Chief Fortune Charumbira.

The article indicate that Dr Ashebu Gayo is conniving with Kalimbwe, a Zambian Political Activist to cause havoc and animosity to issue unofficial letters and unsanctioned changes during Charumbira’s leave break.

Wikipedia reflected events that unfolded which saw Gayo grabbing the post of an Acting President a move that came as a disgrace to the Continental Legislative Body. Instantly, Kalimbwe was fast to congratulate Gayo via a tweeter space misinforming the world that the Ethiopian Legislator was the Acting President during Charumbira’s absence.

Gayo’s misconduct is in contravention with Rule 19(1) of PAP Rules of Procedure knowing that Honorable Lucia was the Acting President, a position that is held by all Vice Presidents on the basis of rotation.

“In August 2023 Dr Gayo, then the Second Vice President and Member of Parliament PAP Bureau, became embroiled in controversy when he unilaterally imposed himself as the Acting President of the Pan African Parliament, disregarding established procedures and creating turmoil with in the Continental Legislative Body,” reads part of the Wikipedia Article.

Screen shot of Wikipedia Article

“Reports surfaced suggesting that Dr. Gayo had a long standing rivalry with the elected President Senator Chief Charumbira of Zimbabwe and had allegedly collaborated with Zambian anti-ZIMBABWE government activist, Joseph Kalimbwe, to issue unofficial letters and statements misrepresenting decisions of the Legislative body.”

The article also revealed Gayo’s dirty background in Ethiopia where he was embroiled in a tail of corruption during Tokyo 2020 Olympic G ames.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Legislators confided to this publication on how they intent to rebuke and reprimand their own Gayo whose misconduct is becoming too inconsistent with PAP Rules and Procedures.