By Tendai Guvamombe

An armed robbery serial, Musa Abdu Tadji has been convicted by a Harare Magistrate of 13 counts of armed robbery. He was convicted together with other three accomplices in the matter.

Harare Magistrate passed the judgement during the month of December 2023 with the State led by Calvin Munyimi as the Prosecutor.

The sentencing guidelines will be determined on 5 January 2023.

The State led by Prosecutor Munyimi  heard that    Musa Abdu Tadji with other 11 accused persons pounced at Trauma Centre and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in an act of arm robbery.The  accused persons  were arrested in Beitbridge sometime in August 2020. Tadji was on the wanted list for 20 years.

His arrest opened a cane of worms to other pending cases, all linked to armed robbery.

Tadji launched a raid at Trauma Centre and Queen Elizabeth Hospital using a vehicle leased from a local Car Rental.

The case dragged 26 year old, accused number 10, Sean Andile Dhlamini who is alleged to have facilitated the leasing of the vehicle used in the armed robbery.

Accused number two(2), Charles Lundi is on record for making indications before the court on how they executed arm robbery.

The convicts were being represented by lawyers Munyoro and Tamutswa Muzana.