By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (Midrand SA)

Joseph Kalimbwe, a Social Media influencer from Zambia has been stopped by PAP Legislators for distributing flyers meant to decampaign Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira during the ongoing elections in Midrand South Africa.

Kalimbwe and his team resorted to distribute flyers after failing to mobilize Civic Society Organizations to protest against Chief Charumbira at the Pan African Parliament Headquarters.

This publication witnessed Kalimbwe being told by 15 Legislators to go away with his flyers just before the commencement of the elections.

Hon. Alhagie Mbow  Member of Parliament from Gambia shouted at Kalimbwe who tried to block their way to PAP.

Kalimbwe chased away from PAP Entrance by Legislators after attempting to block their way

“What are you doing there!! Please stop what ever you are doing and go away!!

Kalimbwe instantly moved away from PAP entrance where he went to brief his team about the latest developments.

Kalimbwe is part of the team that made petitions against Chief Charumbira which were later revoked on Monday.