By Kenneth Haddebe South Africa

This publication has unearthed shocking details around the handler who tried to destroy the person of Chief Fortune Charumbira in an alleged rape case sometime this year.

This reporter spotlighted one individual by the name Tamuka Majaya and his involvement in conniving with other individuals to craft fake rape allegations with a sole intention to spearhead Charumbira’s demise both from the  Chiefs Council and at the Pan African Parliament.

Tamuka Majaya is a Director of Beyond Customs Clearance agent (Bout Freight and Customs Clearing. Nicknamed Mukoto (Narrow path dealer) based on his shoddy dealings since  1980s.

He is the biological father of Paidamoyo Majaya, a lady who framed sexual assault charges against Chief F.Charumbira.

This  team of scribes discovered that this issue was crafted by Tamuka Majaya Himself and his cronies, who for years have had some political issues with the Chief.

The rising of the Chief to the PAP Presidency inked them to the extent of devising a plan to smear Chief with sexual assault charges, which in the beginning they claimed to be rape so that he would be arrested and subsequently be removed from his PAP position.

Tamuka Majaya travelled to PAP Offices in Mildrand SA to report Chief Fortune Charumbira’s rape allegations

Tamuka Majaya and his cronies devised a plan and then approached a lady whom they asked to visit Chief Charumbira privately, seduce him by removing clothes and then record a video which she would hand over to Tamuka and his cronies in exchange of a car, house and money.

The lady refused to be part of such a dirty deal.

Tamuka Majaya decided to engage her daughter Paida to accept the deal by way of executing the plan.

The plan had a close which would force Chief Charumbira pay a sum of $150,000.00 as ransom (Extortion) to the video and if he would refuse, then the video would be published as a smear campaign.

Tamuka Majaya (Mukoto )’s plan to extort money from Chief Charumbira is continually seen by his involvement in the publications on local media and other social media platforms including his travelling to South Africa Via Bulawayo from Masvingo. He joined Kwanele Foundation on a visit to PAP Offices in Midrand.

Tamuka Majaya was sentenced for 18 years in prison after defrauding the State

Tamuka Majaya and his cronies were funded to and from South Africa accompanied by Paidamoyo Majaya, Steven Mudhenge, Edmore Tsikai, and Chrispen Dzoro Nyaku for the campaign.

Surprisingly, the group whose agenda in the whole issue is now seen to be monitory, they despised the police and the justice systems of this country, who are still investigating the case, by taking their plan to South Africa, which is a sign of desperation on their part.

Our investigations further unearthed that Tamuka Majaya was employed by Ministry of National Supplies at (State Procurement Board) now Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) and defrauded the State.

He was found guilty and sentenced to an affective 18 years in prison of which he served eight(8)years and the seven(7)years were  cut due to payment of restitution by his first wife whom he (Tamuka) abused, and is now staying in UK with the two sons.

Apart from this, Tamuka Majaya (Mukoto) runs customs clearing agents business operations under ZIMRA.

Under normal circumstances a person with such a criminal record of defrauding the same Government of while he was an employee is prohibited from doing business with any government institution.