By Linda Tsungirirai Masarira

We often forget to wish our motherland goodness and fruitfulness, which has given us everything that we have. Let us make 2024 a year of positivity and restoration. My new year message this morning starts with wishing our country Zimbabwe a Happy New Year.


  • 2024 be a more peaceful and prosperous year for all of us.
  • our country and our countrymen be blessed with happiness and good governance.
  • we put to an end all the negativities surrounding us to have a more beautiful year….

My only wish on the advent of this year is that we are all blessed with happier times infused with positivity and togetherness. May we restore the harmony and bond of love we shared before as countrymen before toxic politics divided us.

Another year in our lives is another chance for us to accomplish the impossible. Impossibility is in the mind, make 2024 a year to transform your dreams into reality, to work for growth and success of our nation, to love our country, and to be better citizens.

Every year marks a year of hope as we look forward to a better life. May we come together to make our country a happier one by working on establishing peace and prosperity for the prosperity of this great country. By committing ourselves to serve the nation, we can all work towards the development of Zimbabwe united in our diversity.

Let us dedicate this year to our country by working for the growth and development of our nation and performing our duties, and understanding our responsibilities. We should never surrender to circumstances that push us into corrupt and unethical conduct.

New Year is not just a change of calendar. It is also a reminder to set new goals and to work for them. Together, we can work for the attainment of harmony and peace, success and prosperity, growth and development of our country….

Let us not restrict New Year wishes to happiness for our loved ones only. This year, let us extend them to all our countrymen and to our soldiers who are our brothers and sisters. Let us pray for their well-being and decent salaries for all civil servants and workers in Zimbabwe.

Let us make our 2024 more meaningful by dedicating it to our country and its welfare and devoting ourselves in the service of our nation and our countrymen.

New Year is a reminder to remember the promises made but not fulfilled, it is a reminder to thank our country for all the comforts and harmony we enjoy, it is a reminder to express our gratitude to God for an extended lease of life.

May the brightness of stars give us strength to stand for our nation, to stand against all wrongs. This morning, I wish every Zimbabwean happiness, peace, and prosperity. May the good Lord make our lives better and happier. Let us be more responsible countrymen… #HappyNewYear    to all the citizens of our country.

Warm wishes to you and your loved ones on New Year 2024.