Pioneer of Gospel Mbirano music brand,Claud “Dj Rabaaz” Rabson has today released a 15-track album, the biggest single project so far in his musical career.

Titled ‘Gospel Mbirano Unlimited’, the album consists of tracks; Handirare, Marudo Echokwadi, Bvuma Kutenda, NaJesu Zvinobuda Chete, Nguva Yekutenda, Famba NaJesu, Zvaunoda Akuitire, Huya Uone, Chigumbu, Mwari Ndiye Mukuru Ndinovimba Nemi and hymn-based tracks, Makanaka and Tichasanganiswa that features fellow Gospel artiste Nashe Ayret.

Asked what message fans can expect from this new album, the artiste was quick to say, “I still sing milk of God’s Word aimed at both believers and non-believers of Christ Jesus. My message is not very deep but is there just to remind and give ourselves hope through Christ Jesus, who according to the Holy Bible in John 14: 6 is the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to our Heavenly Father except through him.

The South African-based Zimbabwean Gospel artiste pioneered the new Gospel Mbirano sound in 2021 by fusing or blending Gospel music with Zimbabwe’s traditional instrument of mbira and South Africa’s modern elements of Amapiano and other Afrobeats elements.

People who worked on this year-long project consist of Co-Producer King Solo of the Dopiro fame, fellow Gospel musicians Carol Muzambi and Nashe Ayret on backing vocals, guitarist Nicholas Musonza and Cure Massyv on Amapiano elements. Other Gospel Mbirano projects done in the past include maiden Mbirano single Mwari Verudo, EP’s ‘Introducing Gospel Mbiranos & ‘Ndingakutendai Nei’ featuring Bethany Pasinawako Ngolome and full albums Gospel Mbirano Vol2 & Gospel Mbirano Praise. All these projects can be sampled on all major digital music and social media platforms under Dj Rabaaz Music.

The artiste is not new in the musical industry, having played as a drummer in the past for Mambakwedza, a band formed in the 90’s at Zimbabwe College of Music with Mbira maestro Sydney Maratu and Reggae star King Isaac, Noel Zembe, Bulk Spirits, late Franco Hodobo and Mozambiquean duo of Theresa and the late Awendile of the Asante Sana fame just to name some but a few.