By Loice Takarindwa

Deputy Minister for Health who is also Chikomba West legislator doctor John Chamunorwa (JC) Mangwiro is giving sweet potato seeds in his constituency.

Mangwiro is encouraging people of Chikomba to grow sweet potatoes saying they have medicinal components.Speaking to villagers in Chikomba,Mangwiro said he is pushing for the processing of tablets in Zimbabwe from sweet potatoes.

“Are you aware that pills that we export are made from sweet potatoes hence l thought it is wise for me to encourage you to grow sweet potatoes because we have future

plans of processing pills in Zimbabwe especially in Chikomba,” Mangwiro said.He also encouraged villagers to grow vegetables (tsunga) saying there is insulin in them.

“I understand you received tsunga seedlings from the President Emmerson Mnangagwa and in those vegetables there is insulin so please take this project seriously because you can earn a living out of it.”

Mangwiro is also providing free medical care for people in his constituency and a lot of people received the gesture with great joy.