By Loice Takarindwa

Mazowe North Legislator Campion Mugwenhi is profiteering from illegal forex deals which is in sharp contravention of Zimbabwe’s monetary polices. Leaked audio revealed.

In the audio Mugwenhi is heard having a conversation with a client in need of 10 000 US Dollars. The legislator told the client that he was ready to assist but on the condition of putting a mark up from the gazetted bank rate.

“You want 10 000 US Dollars and you have Rtgs and you want it on bank rate. If thats what you want it’s fine. But I will put a mark up on the percentage. I always bid ne two(2) points above. With 112 i bid on 114. I can have the money out for you. And if I am having a good week I will probably give you half of it.”

This news crew could not get hold of Mugwenhi for a comment as his mobile number was unreachable.

Mugwenhi is also under fire from Mazowe North for neglecting the constituency for five(5) years only to resurface during the current political campaign season.

He was also arrested in the United States of America for creating a fraudulent income tax returns a move that was described by US Judge Kinkeade as defrauding the government.

He was later deported to Zimbabwe after serving 66 months jail term in the Federal Prison.